Why Bill Angel?

Our mission is to provide a space for those in need and those who will meet the need.

Our goal is to remove the complexity of raising funds when experiencing a real-life hardship.

We at MyBill Angel are changing the landscape of crowdfunding, which often falls prey to fraudulent and misdirected giving efforts that land the person in need in the same or a worse place.

We are committed to helping only those with verified needs by providing the following:

  • A safe place for the ANAV (person in need) to submit their bill
  • A secure place for the Angel to meet the need
  • A verification process with payment that goes directly to the vendor

Our desire is to establish MyBill Angel’s presence in the United States of America and the rest of the world. We want to meet the needs of the least and greatest of those during the most difficult times of their lives. We want to see MyBill Angel change the lives of struggling families and everyday people who need an angel to come to their assistance.

Our family has been on both sides. For many years, we were able to pay the bills of friends and family. We have also experienced the loss of it all and not knowing how we were going to survive when, out of the blue, an angel came to our rescue and helped us pay our bills. Our passion to meet the needs of our loved ones is what ignited the vision to develop MyBill Angel LLC.

There are people who love to provide for others and those who have many needs with no clue as to how they will survive their current hardship. MyBill Angel LLC is here to ensure that the funds are handled properly and go directly to the relevant vendors.