Sometimes we have to swallow our Pride

Hi. I will be totally honest and admit it took a lot for me to submit this application. As I would rather be the giver, than the reciever. However, I do know that there are times when we all need help in some type of way. I am seeking help on catching up with my mortgage payments to prevent any negative reactions from the lender. I am paying as I can, but I will admit it is hard to catch up. Especially, when you can't ignore the other bills and risk shut off with those. Beginning in April, I had taken on more people in my home to help them out. I also took in my grandson, who is 8 and needed a lot (clothes, shoes, food and definetly love). I didn't think it would hit me financially but it did. I saw a rise in food and utility cost. Which I only bring home close to $2000.00 monthly. One of those bills that went up was light. I saw a $200 light bill, I never had that before. Things became hard. So now I am doing what I can to get caught up on the mortgage. I have until October 31st and then I shall see what the bank next move will be. I am praying that I can get this caught up as I am still paying on it.

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Shelisia S



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